Between the communication book and the white paper

The book published as well as the communication campaign are ways to explain about the Blue Gold plan. The research was made with more than 30 experts from the public, the private and the academic sector for more than a year. It is available and it is possible to send us an email and we will send it to you: info@cihlebanon.org

Communication campaign

Some people might not differentiate between “Communication” and “Advertising”. Blue Gold plan has been doing a communication campaign, not an advertisement campaign to address the public using a clear scientific language. The debate that stemmed from these communications, is a healthy proof that the water sector is important to the public. Water is the first plan on the Civic Influence Hub’s agenda, as it will soon be followed by other items of equal importance. The purpose of this communication campaign have been to make sure the information about Blue Gold plan would reach as many people as possible.

What is the role of civil society in positive critic of the Blue Gold plan?

Blue Gold plan is an initiative by the Civic Influence Hub and belongs to all Lebanese people. We welcome your participation through discussions, debates and improvement ideas. Blue Gold plan is neither a fixed plan nor a commercial, and it is important to know more about it. The plan is explained in a book published that is available to all, because transparency and access to information are the basis of the Civic Influence Hub philosophy.

Is Water a human right, or a sellable good?

Yes, water is a human right and a human wealth. This is exactly how Blue Gold considers water.

Water is a wealth that needs to be protected, not wasted, and should be made available to each and every citizen. This is why the Blue Gold has a 40 initiatives. It is unacceptable to keep watching as our water is being wasted, or mismanaged because of climate change, demographic increase, because the water management sector as well as the laws and regulations related to water need to be improved.

What is Public Private Citizens Partnership ( PPCP)?

Partnerships between the public and the private sector and the citizens is the most effective way to revive the socio-economic sector in Lebanon as it will provide more employment opportunities, limit Emigration, enforce social cohesion and protection, improve the quality of life of everyone, and help in lowering the national debt. The previously mentioned objectives   can be achieved by providing strong economic beneficiaries in Lebanon the opportunity to invest in active local sectors, which will in turn improve the situation and encourage development. It is only when socio-economic beneficiaries are certain that the political class can start working for the good of the country.

Blue Gold is but the first step of a long journey towards cooperation.

Surplus of water explained in the Blue Gold plan as there is another way of determining the water shortages (?)

Yes, Lebanon has a lot of water.  Sadly, it is not strong enough to protect its water, or to effectively manage it for many reasons.

But to merely point out this fact, without proposing solutions, simply means that the situation will remain the same and that our water will go on being wasted.

This is why Blue Gold’s first purpose is to give the Lebanese back their water, making it an important economic and national wealth, as well as ensuring a surplus, in order to always have water, energy and good harvests. These factors are an essential part of Lebanon’s wellbeing.

If we had been able to better protect our socio-natural and human resources, we wouldn’t be afraid of a natural disaster because of the recent drought that hit Lebanon for three months.

Insisting that the Blue Gold plan is selling Lebanon’s water is an unfunded accusation, and which ignores the fact that the Blue Gold plan is based on a research made available to all. And talking about “selling” our water is sad, considering it has to be a protected asset.

Is the Blue Gold plan privatizing the water sector in Lebanon?

Discussing the “Privatization of the water sector” in Lebanon  is a healthy debate. Civic Influence Hub (CIH) knows that developing the Public- Private Partnership (PPP)  in Lebanon,  is not possible unless the private and the public cooperate together.

The private sectors is of Lebanese people to serve the Lebanese people. The only role of it is to offer the best service at the most affordable price.

The difference between “Privatization” and “ Public-Private- Citizens Partnership (PPCP)” is huge; but can only be reached if  we work together to successfully and thoroughly implement the plan.

We (CIH) are extending in invitation to all citizens to join in the Blue Gold plan mission. With your participation we can ensure that water  will become an available national resource and wealth, without any appropriation (taking something for personal gain).

Our words are not empty slogans or an advertising campaign. They are based on serious researches which are outlined in the “economic-social impact” published by the Blue Gold plan and which is available on our website.

Water belongs to the Lebanese People, who are an essential pillar of the Government, the guardian, and guarantor of this resource.